The Great Race


Local legend has it that two Gordonvale cane farmers, while quenching their thirst at the local pub, decided to settle an argument with a race to the peak of the nearby Walsh’s Pyramid.

This was no ordinary race.

A wager was made between the two to see who could run the race in the quickest possible time and it created so much interest that the local bookie at the time took bets on the outcome.

From this unlikely start has evolved “The Great Pyramid Race”. The first official race was organized in 1959 to coincide with Queensland’s Centenary Celebrations and it has become an annual event where some of the finest and fittest present themselves and strive to conquer this formidable mountain in unbelievable record times.

 “A never-ending uphill scramble and a ‘controlled’ downhill free fall”


Walsh’s Pyramid is 922m and the race consists of 6 km of road and 6 km of mountain.

pyramid (960x720) pyramid2 (556x417) pyramid3 (556x417)

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The current record for the 12km race stands at 1:15:34 set in 2007 by Neil Labinsky, a mountain specialist runner from the Sunshine Coast.  The Women’s record is 1:32:06 set in 1997 by local runner Anita Appleby.

Since 1959, the training for the competition has gone from “no training at all except for chas- ing wild pigs in the scrub”, to “intense training programs for dedicated athletics”.