Race Information – 5km Charity Run

DAY                                Saturday 19th August 2017

RACE START                  11:30am


School Chaplain Stephen Mock with his “small support team” 2013

Get a team together and run/walk/wheelbarrow/whatever your way along the 5km race route to raise money for your favourite charity. DRESS UP and have a theme for your team or Charity.

Collect donations up to the event and deposit them to our donations bank account – Please use the participants name or charity/club name as the deposit reference.

Bank: National Australia Bank           BSB:  084-679    Account Number:  84-684-3108

Ask your family and friends to sponsor you too.

They can pay on line using our Sponsorship Form HERE

Adult entry fee $20
Please note – $15 of your entry fee will be donated back to your chosen charity. (we will use the remaining $5 to assist paying for PayPal fees, printing and postage.)

Children entry fee $5
Please note – 100% of your entry fee will be donated back to your chosen charity.

100% of donations participants collect from non-participating family and friends will be passed on to your charity. 

This event requires a good level of fitness. Temperatures may be as high as 30 degrees on the day so please consider your hydration requirements. Please consider your own health in the lead up to the race. If you are unwell or have been unwell in the two weeks prior to the race then consider the consequences of running on the day.


Open Age Category (18+ yrs) $20
Junior Age Categories (5-17 yrs) $5

ROAD CLOSURES – The streets around the park will be closed from 6am – 9pm.

CHECK IN – Please report to the runner’s registration tent in Norman Park between 10:00 and 11:00am.   You will be marked on your arm with your race number and receive a race bib.

RUNNERS BRIEFING – Outside the runners registration tent at 11:15am.


  • Please obey all marshals. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  • There is to be NO outside assistance.  Anyone caught receiving outside assistance will be disqualified.
  • Pacing by outside persons is prohibited. This includes a non-entrant joining the race, or a person shouting instructions from a bicycle.
  • Personal music devices are NOT permitted to be used due to safety issues.
  • Runners that do not complete the full course are NOT to pass through the finish line. Upon return please present yourself to SES to be marked off.
  • Stay on the track at all times. NO short cuts as this results in disqualification
  • Race Numbers will have to be marked off at checkpoints to gain a finish place in the race.
  • Any protests must be lodged within 15 minutes of your return. The Committee will hear these and their decision will be final.
  • Anyone caught running on the highway will be disqualified as this breaches the conditions of our permit.

The race route is as follows -

5 km Race track

  • Start behind the banner on Norman St.
  • Head anti clockwise around the park, and turn right onto Mill Road.
    • THERE IS NO FULL LAP OF THE PARK this year, as this makes the race longer than 5km)
    • When leaving the park square, run on the left hand side of Mill Road. Keep the witches hats on your right.
  • Run down and through the Green Patch
  • Run on the right hand side over the old bridge right of witches hats
  • Run under the highway at the first set of tunnels
  • Run on the cane headland to Moss Road
  • Proceed along Moss Road to the Pyramid car park
  • At SES check point – shout your number
  • Follow the reverse route back to the finish.

Certificates and Donations -

Donations will be calculated as soon as possible after race day, and forwarded on to each charity.

All runners will receive a participation certificate.  Certificates may be available from the information tent (beside the main stage) after the Race Presentations.

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